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An effective and simple solution for artists

  • Choose from a range of walls to display your art
  • 42 walls included in app and 170+ walls as in-app purchases
  • Choose from many art shapes - square, round, geode and more
  • Easily add real frames and mats in wide range of colors and materials
  • Show art/photo in real measurements(inch/cm) like in real world
  • Add effects such as colours, black and white, sepia and more...
  • Rotate your art in 360˚
  • Adjust the shadow (angle, intensity, radius)
  • Move your art behind items
  • Export sharpened final image in less than 1 minute
  • HD quality
  • Capture/import a photography of your own wall and use it as a background
  • Work on multiple projects at the same time

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@mrs.colorberry - I love this app!!! I can really recommend it: @wallpictureapp
@eva.volf - Thanks for sharing my art! Love using your app! Very user friendly and great walls!
@liza.vaughn_art - I´ve been asked recently what app I use to display my art. I´ve been using @wallpictureapp for over 2 years. It´s truly the best and they have over 100 walls PLUS YOU CAN DISPLAY ART SHAPES OF ALL KINDS! Go check them out!
@tracyverdugo - Love love love reimagining my paintings in different sizes and different environments using the wonderful @wallpictureapp. Thank you to @wallpictureapp for making such a fabulous tool for artists! So many beautiful rooms for us to play with and such a wonderful way to help clients imagine how our paintings will look in their homes.
@richardoliverpleinair - I´ve been playing around with @wallpictureapp recently. We live in a 70´s open plan house in the LA and we have 10% wall and 90% glass, basically a glass house in the desert. So we don´t have any walls to hang and photograph my paintings. This app has come in real handy and of course you don´t run into copyright issues. It´s a relief and quite fun experimenting with paintings and spaces. Gets the thumbs up from me. This recent painting isn´t even dry and I can see what it would look like and even try out a few frame ideas!
@nicolespaintescape - There´s some companies that just stand out with their personable care to customer service. @wallpicture is one such company, I couldn´t figure out for the life of me how to set this piece up in the app and they had gone ahead and done it for me…if you´re looking for ways to present your art, this app is highly recommended. The customer service is top notch.
@lorigouhin - Artist tip @wallpictureapp is a great way to display your art online. They have a free version and an affordable paid version. This in not an ad – I just love the app.
@art_hibler - Thank you – I really do love your app!! Especially the amazing possibility to include each photo as basic room! Many of my customers were impressed how fast they get an imagination of my painting in their houses.
@artsyycarly - I use this handy app by @wallpictureapp for creating final photos of my art and it´s absolutely AMAZING!! I´m not sponsored in any way, I just really love this app and I like to share things I love with others! This app is a MUST HAVE for any artist! There is a pro version for about $ 20-25 and a free version if you would like to try before you buy, but the pro version is SO worth it I promise!!
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